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Experience our solutions for manufacturing, production logistics and shipping at first hand and test our systems at various exhibition locations. You will find out on this page where we are demonstrating which systems. Find out directly from our experts about interesting aspects and how process optimisation has been handled. Allow us to share valuable expertise with you, giving you interesting insights into new developments and advancements.

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Logo Lean Factory

Lean Factory Roadshow (Germany)

At the Lean Factory Roadshow throughout Germany and Switzerland you can experience our systems and test them live. Here you can find out how to set up a production line according to lean criteria.
The following systems are featured:


Future Work Lap

Future Work Lab, Stuttgart (Germany)

At the innovation lab for work, people and technology you can get a live impression of what industrial work will look like in the future. Visit the demonstrator world live on site and explore various scenarios to see how elements of digitisation can be applied to different jobs.
The following systems are featured:


hochschule landshut

Technology Centre, Dingolfing (Germany)

The Technology Centre for Production and Logistics Systems (TZ PULS) features a model/learning factory over a surface area of some 900 m2 – a complete internal value creation chain from incoming goods through to shipping. Guided tours provide insights into innovative technologies (Industry 4.0) as well as intelligent production and logistics systems.
The following systems are featured:


Logo ZEF Senftenberg

Zentrum Effiziente Fabrik, Senftenberg (Germany)

The model factory "Zentrum Effiziente Fabrik" (ZEF) in Senftenberg offers a sample landscape of innovative technologies around the topics manufacturing and assembly. Discover a wide range of solutions for different assembly processes, live and on-site.The following systems are featured:



WERMA Produktion Rietheim

WERMA, Rietheim (Germany)

Take a glimpse behind the scenes at “Europe’s leading signal”. A guided tour of the production facility at our headquarters in Rietheim gives you an insight into the functional connectivity of our systems during ongoing operations. Experience our solutions for manufacturing, production logistics and shipping live on site. Get in touch with us and pay us a visit.
You can view the following systems on our premises:

Lean Workshop Group

Lean Workshop Roadshow (UK)

In the UK and Ireland, you can get hands-on experience our systems in a production environment at one of the Lean Workshop Group events.

WERMA Lean Factory Roadshow

Lean Factory Roadshow

Upcoming dates, registration and further information of the Lean Factory Roadshow.

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