Ex Horns and Sirens

For explosive areas

Your benefits

Ex Horns and Sirens from WERMA have been developed specifi cally for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Ex signalling devices are designed for use in explosive gas and vapour atmospheres (zones 1 and 2).

  • Many years of proven use in potentially explosive areas
  • Light and compact design for easy mounting
  • Diverse signalling options

Typical applications

Signalling of faults or alarms

  • during the processing or filling of highly flammable substances (gases and/or vapours and liquids)?
  • during storage of highly flammable substances (gases and/or vapours and liquids)
  • in industrial plants with flammable dust atmospheres (e.g. metal processing, sawmills, mills, powdered milk processing plants)

Installation options

  • Wall mounting


  • For use with or without the use of a safety barrier (depent on product)
  • Proven technology with ATEX and IECEx certifi cations


  • "E" terminal box for easy connection; approved for use in gas and dust applications (zones 1 and 21)
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Tech-Talk - Explosion protection

Signalling devices in potentially explosive zones.

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