Access control - quick, safe and unambiguous

Your benefits

With WERMA’s access control system, you can easily let someone standing in front of the entrance know whether access can currently be granted. This ensures that there are not too many people in the shop or practice at the same time and that the safety distance can be maintained. If? no? power? connection? is? possible? out-side? the? building,? the? Signal? Tower? can? alternatively? be? equipped? with? a? USB? connection? element? which? you? can? connect? to? a? standard? USB? power? bank.

  • Clear signaling whether access can currently be granted
  • Avoid too many people in the building
  • More security and efficiency for employees and customers

Typical applications

The access controls are ideal for supermarkets and smaller retail traders such as bakers or butcher’s shops, but also for petrol stations, chemists and hospitals. For other types of application, we will be happy to put together an individual set for you.

Initial startup

The system is very easy and quick to install – no hard-wiring involved.?

  • SignalSET Wireless -Connect the signal tower with the mains adapter (230V). This means that the signal tower will have to be close to a power socket.
  • SignalSET Wireless with USB - Connect the signal tower to a standard USB power bank. (USB Powerbank not included.)


  • Wirelessly controlled signal tower with mains adapter (230 V)
  • Indication board with sticker
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Optionally expandable with a voice output element* (upload individual mp3 or voice messages)

*not in combination with the USB variant.


Information flyer

SignalSET - Access at the touch of a button

PDF Downlaod
Video SignalSET

Assembly video


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If you have any questions or comments, please simply contact us.

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